How to Change Yahoo Mail Password on Desktop/ Android

It is a well-proven fact that to ensure the safety and security of your online accounts, you need to regularly update the login information such as your account ‘Password.’ Doing so will help you in securing your account from the risks of hacking and data breaches.

So, if you consider this efficient measure in mind, you’re planning to change/update your Yahoo Mail password and at the same time looking for some technical guidance then, you’re at the right place. Here, in this blog, we’ve mentioned how you can change your Yahoo Mail password easily from both the ‘Desktop and android’ platform with the below-given guide. Have a look:

Change Yahoo Mail Password on Desktop Using Browser—

  • In order to Change password in Yahoo Mail, open your preferred browser from your Desktop. 
  • In its search address bar, type ‘Yahoo Mail login.’
  • Then, from the available search result, click on the first link to reach the ‘Yahoo Mail Login’ page.
  • There, simply enter your ‘Yahoo Mail Email Address/ID’ and ‘Yahoo Mail Password’ in the respective text field.
  • Then, click on the option of ‘Sign-in’ in order to login to your Yahoo Mail account successfully.
  • Now, in order to start the process of changing your password, what you need to do is select your ‘Name’ display which is right there on the top of your Yahoo page.
  • From there, navigate yourself to the ‘Account Info’ tab.
  • Under it, go to the ‘Personal Info Page’ and click on the ‘Account Security’ option in order to open it.
  • After that, navigate to the ‘How you sign in’ section of the account security tab and click on the ‘Change Password’ link.
  • Once you open that link, all you have to do is type a new password in the ‘New Password’ field and then, re-type the same to confirm the new password for your Yahoo account.
  • Now, select the ‘Continue’ button and from the ‘Account security page’ select the ‘Mail’ option to reach your ‘inbox’ page.
  • That’s it! In the end, click on the ‘Logout’ option to go back to the ‘Yahoo Login Page’ in order to again login to your account with the newly created password.

Change Yahoo Mail Password on Android Using App—

  • In case, if you’re using your Yahoo Mail from its app on your Mobile then, to change the password from here, simply tap on the ‘Menu’ icon.
  • From it, navigate yourself to the ‘Manage Accounts’ section and tap on the same.
  • After that, click on the option of ‘Account Info’ which is right beside your account.
  • Then, locate ‘Security Settings’ and click on it in order to select the option of ‘Change Password.’
  • Under it, choose the ‘I want to change my password’ option and then, enter a new strong password for your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Also, re-confirm the same and save the applied changes.
  • Now, navigate yourself back to the homepage of the Yahoo app and sign in with the help of the newly created password.

That’s it! This is all about how you can easily change your Yahoo Mail account password on your Mobile as well as on your desktop.

For more information related to Yahoo mail, you may visit their website.

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